Shake You Down – The PTA Association Song

How far would you go to get your kids a proper education?

This website dedicated to the hard work of all of the unsung heroes in our elementary schools.  The parents and teachers in your local PTA. Parent Teachers Organizations try to make up the difference due to budget cuts in school programs. This is the hilarious story of one group of PTA members. says that if you are helping with PTA fundraisers at your school — You will enjoy this!

What’s the video about?

A group of suburban PTA parents gets frantic to raise money when the elementary school where their children attend is severely impacted by budget cuts. However, bake sales, car washes, and read-a-thons fall far short of covering the shortfall.

They then discover a different strategy and start a protection business in their town. Either these vigilante mothers will bring their children and let nature take its course, or local business owners and residents will give a tiny monthly “contribution” to their PTA.

What was it like?

The everyman-turned-criminal plotlines of Weeds and Breaking Bad are combined in THE ASSOCIATION with the levity, humor, and improvised nature of Parks and Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock.

It is a ridiculous morality story that is based on one of the biggest problems facing American society today: the underfunding of public education.

Was there rapping in the series?

Actually, no. It’s a standard scripted comedy series with improvisation, but at the end of each episode, the Moms will rap in their gangsta personalities for 16 bars about the difficulties of being a parent and attending public school. This is because they adore hip-hop tunes.

What the heck was going on with the rap video?

These moms and dads needed to spread the idea of the series and acquire some funding in order to produce it on their own. Making a humorous teaser that would establish the show’s premise and indulge our passion of hip-hop seemed like the best way to achieve that.

Did it work? They got coverage in the local media and as of the videos release on Sept 12. 2012 it has received over 23,000 views!

Our goal for resurrecting this website is to help PTA members get ideas to fundraise for their students.