Lock In Fundraiser Ideas

Lock In Fundraisers — How to Raise $2000 For Your School In Three Hours

Sounds too good to be true. However Lock in fundraisers for school work. Lockinin fundraising? What is that? See for yourself.


In this video, they explain how doing lock-ins with the students after school allows the PTA gets to generate more than $2,000 practically every month of the academic year.

We are all aware that many schools lack the resources necessary to meet the requirements of our great pupils. I’m hoping this video may give you some inspiration for ways to raise money for your school.

Some claim that selling pizza, cookies and popcorn is old and boring. These guys claim this is fun and profitable.

There is a 3 hour “LOCKIN” where the school is open for the kids to roam and have fun.

  • Karaoke
  • Movie rooms
  • Snacks
  • Lego room
  • Video games
  • Nintendo Wii room

The lockin cost only $10. They also sell snacks for $1 each. It is all profit and fun. The kids and parents love it. Parents view it as cheap baby sitting for 3 hours and the kids view it as fun time at school.

What would you do if you could earn $2,000 every month fr your PTA?